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Walmart Hiring Felons Since Ages Ago – It’s In Their Policy

Getting a job as a felon is not easy and often times can be embarrassing trying to explain to your interviewer what you went to prison for.

Alcatraz Prison

My brother-in-law is an assistant manager at Walmart and he always gives me the inside scoop.

Walmart always interests me and that’s why I have multiple articles regarding this specific company.

I know for a fact that Walmart does hire felons but there are many variables to consider, and that’s what I’m going to discuss today.

Does Walmart Hire Felons? Yes They Do

Yes, Walmart does hire felons but that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get a job.

Walmart is pretty lenient with their employees and hiring felons is no different.

They even state in their policy that they are an equal opportunity employer, meaning they want to give everyone an equal chance no matter their race, color or ethnicity.

The variables store managers look for in a convicted felon are:

What the conviction was, how long ago the felony happened, how honest you are and what skills you possess.

You will likely get a job if you’ve only had misdemeanors and non-violent charges.

However, they have NO leniency on sex offenders, violence, theft and forgery.

If you have been convicted for any of these, your chances of working at Walmart have dropped to zero.

Although there are some exceptions which I’ll explain in a second.

Don’t Not Lie

When you fill out your online application, you have the chance to explain your convictions, how long ago they happened and what they were for.


The store manager will definitely be doing a background check and when he finds out you’ve been lying, it raises an instant red flag and you’ll be permanently barred from employment opportunities at any Walmart store across the globe!

On the other hand, if your criminal record matches your application, your chances of getting a job increases dramatically.

The store manager will perform a background check and drug test no matter what the position is, so make sure you’re drug-free when you go in for your interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far Back Does Walmart Do Background Checks?

Unfortunately they go ALL the way back and they will question every conviction you have and what you have done about it.

Some states have a rule where they can’t go back further than 7 years, well needless to say, Walmart doesn’t follow that rule.

Fortunately if the conviction was a long time ago, they give you a chance to explain the circumstances and why you’re a better person.

Do They Hire Theft Misdemeanors?

They do not hire you for theft, they have a zero policy even if it’s a theft misdemeanor.

Theft is a big deal because how can they trust you to work in a store unsupervised, with expensive goods all around you?

The good news?

If it was over 7 years ago, they will take into consideration your skills and rehabilitation.

So you definitely have a chance of getting a job if you’ve been doing good for a long time.

Do They Hire Domestic Violence Felons?

Again, no.

Not if it’s in the last 7 years anyway.

If it is longer than 7 years then they will take into consideration your skills and rehabilitation.

You will have a chance to explain yourself.

Being honest is key as it’ll make you look trustworthy, professional and increase your chances of getting the job.

Do They Hire Drug Misdemeanors?

Lots of people apply at Walmart with drug-related charges.

Some of them get hired, some do not.

Their zero policy also applies to drugs even if the charge was longer than 7 years.

It seems this is one of the crimes they take more seriously, as drug problems can lead to violence and theft.

However, at the end of the day it all comes down to your honesty and circumstances.

You can still get hired, just be honest when you answer their questions. That’s all you can really do.

Do They Hire Felons on Probation?

It all depends. Everything above still applies.

The felony cannot be within the last 7 years or have anything to do with drugs, violence, forgery or theft.

But my guess is that if you’re on probation then you have certainly been in trouble in the last 7 years.

If it’s a misdemeanor or non-violent crime, then you could possibly get a job but it won’t be easy.

Can You Apply Without a Computer?

No you cannot apply at Walmart without computer.

Gone are the days of paper applications, everything is digital these days (yesss, save the trees).

The good news is that if you don’t have a computer, you can walk into any Walmart and use their hiring kiosk.

Every Walmart Is Different

Every Walmart has different managers, circumstances and needs.

You might get hired for a drug charge that happened 10 years ago from one Walmart but get denied for the same charge at another Walmart.

At the end of the day it all depends on the hiring managers.

The least you can do is always be honest and keep trying at as many Walmart locations as possible.

Just keep applying and being honest. Hopefully soon enough you’ll get hired 🙂

My Advice To You

No matter how long ago or how close your conviction was, my advice is to apply for the lowest level position.

Applying for a higher position with a criminal history is self-destructive.

Don’t go for any manager positions, apply to be an associate instead.

There are far less requirements and since you’re doing one of the easy jobs, you have a higher chance of getting a job.

You can prove yourself and move up the ranks once you start working.


You won’t know if you can get a job unless you try.

You can read all the articles you want, but the only real way to know is to apply and see if you get hired.

Walmart workers are always in demand so your chances of getting a job are high.

Don’t fret too much.

Well that concludes this article, and remember, if you have any questions about Walmart please ask in the comments below 🙂

10 thoughts on “Walmart Hiring Felons Since Ages Ago – It’s In Their Policy”

  1. This is really good to see that Walmart has taken it upon their selves to provide job to the people that most companies would never even consider for selection. That is a good one. I have a colleague who just got released after being convicted, I will tell him to apply for this too. Thumbs up

  2. Thanks for this post on Walmart hiring felons, some years ago Walmart is one of the companies I do think they are very strict with who they hire until my friend got a job there was amazed because this guy was on a probation for some years before they hired him, anyways i would recommend Walmart for anyone looking for job because they can offer him or her if the person complies with there simple rules.thanks 

    • I would have to agree with you. They are very lenient with their hiring and that’s why they have such a good reputation for supplying millions of Americans with jobs all over the country.

  3. Thanks for this post on who Walmart hires and who they don’t, I have once been an employee of Walmart and before I applied for them I thought they were not going to take me then because I have a sickness, but fortunately for me I was considered without even looking at my health status , they are one of the most accommodating companies ever thanks

  4. Hello there thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me,Yes they do hire felons if you are honest on your background check. keep in mind that they go back all they way on your background check. They don’t follow the 7 year rule. But they will give you a chance if you tell the truth and have been doing good for a good time.thanks ones again for this awesome article.

    • Thanks for clarifying that David. I believe that Walmart has good intentions with the public and economy and will continue to do so for the upcoming future.

  5. I like your post because it reveals some good policies for the big company. It’s so nice to hear Walmart will hire felons. Honestly, some of my friends go to prison before. When they go back to normal life, they meet the same problem that is difficult to find the job. How many employers willing to hire felons? I think only a few of them do.

    They need jobs so they can have money to enter normal life. They need people to care so they can know what is love. The society shouldn’t abandon felons. Most of them are very regret what they did before. They just need a chance. They need society to accept them.

    I hope Walmart can keep this policy forever. I will also share this post with my friends. They need hopes. Thanks for sharing such great new for me.

    • Not a lot of employers will hire felons but some do, it all comes down to skills and your rehabilitation.

      Employers want you for your skills, so if you have a lot to offer it can go a long way when trying to get back into the real world.


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