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Wealthy Agency Review – Why You Will Not Make $100,000/Month

Are we really looking at a 6 figure per month dynasty that could be yours without doing any work?

They claim you get paid now and do the work later.

That sounds like some ridiculous, hyped up, get-rich-quick scheme if you ask me, but I would like to dig further and see how Wealthy Agency plans on making you all this money.

Because if you’ve tried to make money online in the past, you probably already know that it isn’t easy and when they say they have the solution to all your financial needs, you look in the opposite direction as these claims are clearly outrageous.

If you’ve never heard of this typical system before and you’re looking to get the inside scoop, keep reading my Wealthy Agency review and see what they are really offering inside!

At a Glance

Name: Wealthy Agency

Website: www.wealthyagency.com

What You’ll Be Doing: Advertising services to clients

Price to Join: $29 + upsells

What is Wealthy Agency?

So on the official sales page, you will hear a man named Jamie Lewis claim that Wealthy Agency can make you an easy 6 figures per month ($100,000) on complete auto pilot.

Before we get into the actual “meat” of this system, I want you to know that Jamie has 14 years experience in the internet marketing industry and knows how to make money.

Another thing worth mentioning is that he is a GREAT product creator as this is not his first, he has created many others, and most have made huge sales.

But why does he create so many and why not just stick to one good one? Maybe because they aren’t all as legit as he makes them out to be.

So what exactly is Wealthy Agency?

So anyway, Wealthy Agency teaches you how to become an online agent.

You are required to post ads offering your services and when you get clients, you hire a freelancer to fulfill these services.

The services you offer can be anything. For example: article translation, proofreading, voice-overs, designs, etc.

People need things done that they can’t do, and you are supposed to come in with your ad and offer them a solution to their problem.

Fortunately there are freelancers out there that are skilled enough and don’t mind doing such tasks for a small fee.

Websites you can use to hire freelancers are Fiverr, Upwork, FlexJobs, etc.

There are hundreds of them out there, however, Wealthy Agency offers video guides on the best places to hire your freelancers from.

The gist of it: You offer services to clients, they pay you money, you pay freelancers to do the service at a cheaper price, you keep the difference as profit.

What Do You Get?

Step-By-Step Training Videos

The training videos are in a step-by-step format and Jamie does a great job explaining what you’ll be doing and how you’ll be doing things.

The videos give you an introduction to online agencies and how they work, a case study to show you that agencies make good money, how to create your website to promote your services and how to get traffic.


The swipes are templates that you’ll be using to advertise your services (well, the services that you’ll be hiring from someone else).

The swipes can be used in emails, Facebook ads, YouTube, etc…wherever you choose to get your traffic from.

Wealthy Agency Flaws

Okay, so of course this system sounds like the latest and greatest thing since sliced bread, but there are A LOT of considerations you need to know before making your final decision, and in this section you will find the real truth about being an online agent.

It’s not as easy as 1…2…3

Jamie Lewis hypes Wealthy Agency up so much by saying you will be making $100,000 per month on complete autopilot.

Well that isn’t the case because there is much more work required as an agent.

Firstly, you have to find the clients which can take weeks or even months, then you have to know how to convert them into buyers which is another skill in itself, something you likely don’t have if you’re new to internet marketing.

The costs soon add up

Sure, the initial price is $29 to get the basic training, however, that will only get you the few videos available.

They don’t mention the upsells that total $600, but more on that in a second.

Even if you don’t purchase the upsells, you have to invest in getting traffic…something that can take weeks before you see results for your efforts.

This means you could be investing upwards of $500 or more just to see profits.

You might give up before reaching this breakthrough, considering you’ll be working and only making a small amount of money here and there.

“You get paid before doing anything”

This statement Jamie claims is highly misleading on so many levels.

You will get paid AFTER you find clients, which is money that goes to your freelancer to fulfill the service.

You keep the difference as profit for yourself.

The training is extremely basic

The training is actually so basic that it can be found for free on various blogs and websites such as Facebook and YouTube.

There is nothing groundbreaking with this system, you’re just getting a few videos that were put together on a Sunday afternoon and paying a price for it.

You need to know a lot

What I mean by this is that it’s not going to be a walk in the park like Jamie cracks it out to be.

What are you going to say when clients ask you questions about the service you’re providing?

You won’t know what to say because you aren’t the person fulfilling this service, you’ll be confused and you’ll come off as awkward.

Your newfound client will leave and look elsewhere because you’re being short with answers and not telling the truth.

The Good About Wealthy Agency

  • The concept works as there are thousands of successful agents making money online
  • The training is easy to understand, even newbies can learn what an agency is and not get confused

The Bad About Wealthy Agency

  • There are upsells worth hundreds of dollars
  • The basic training will not earn you $100,000 per month even after months of working on your business.
  • It’s not as easy as they claim. It’s not a push-button system that’s guaranteed to make you lots of money on autopilot, although they make it seem like it is with their hype and misleading words
  • They mislead, make unrealistic promises and don’t care who’s on the other side of their sales page. They want one thing and one thing only, as much money they can squeeze out of you
  • You need to immerse yourself into the niche you pursue and find out as much knowledge as you can so you easily answer all questions that come your way by potential clients

Where Can I Buy?

The official website is: www.wealthyagency.com and includes a 60-day money back guarantee which allows you to get a full refund.

When you pay the $29 fee, you get access to the members area (where you watch the videos).

You will also be hit with upsells totaling $600.

Upsell #1

Outsourcing suite – $279

Upsell #2

Weekly training classes – $149

Upsell #3

Wealthy Agency Business In a Box – $249

Keep in mind that you most likely won’t make money with the basic training so you’ll purchase the upsells thinking it’s the secret to getting rich.

It won’t happen and you’ll lose more money than you make with this system and you’ll find out why in just a second.

Does it Work or Is It A Scam?

Buying the system is one thing, investing money to find clients is another…it’s just another ball game when you need to explain to your clients what services you offer and WHY they should choose you over anyone else.

There’s a whole lot of competition in this business model because it’s a legit way to make money online, however, it is extremely difficult and it’s not easy standing out from the top guys.

Newbies will almost certainly fail and I’m not trying to be mean to you (if that’s you), I’m being real and that’s what I do with my blog.

I expose systems like these that say they are the bees knees when they’re just misleading people, taking their money and running.

So to conclude my decision, money can be made as an agent, but the training Wealthy Agency provides is not enough to make you go from rags to riches with a few clicks of your fingers.

It is misleading and they don’t tell you what’s really involved as an online agent.

Although it isn’t a scam, it certainly isn’t recommended for the many reasons outlined in this article.


How I make 4 figures per month online

I’m all for free things and free trials, because without them, it means that owners don’t have faith in their systems.

And that’s what’s been happening a lot lately…no one is giving free trials away because they know their systems don’t work and instead use hype words to make you get your credit card out and buy.

They just take your money and run because that’s all they care about.

Well one system that DOES NOT want any money from you and will give you a free trial for as long as you want is something called Wealthy Affiliate.

The concept is very simple.

Build a website (easier than you think), create content (also easier than you think), rank and then bank.

This will allow you to earn the type of life-changing income you’re looking for, and fortunately for you it’s free for as long as you want!

Yes Brandon, Give Me Access To Your Free Method Now!

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