What Age is too Late to Change Careers?

Jumping to Job

Jumping to Job

Is it too late to change careers or are you set in stone for the rest of your life?

I am not 40, nor am I 50 or 60+, but I do know when it’s time to call it quits with your current career and begin searching for something more enjoyable.

Hint: It is not when you think and definitely not the career you had in mind.

Why would Someone want to Change Careers?

There are multiple reasons why somebody would want to quit their job and change to another career actually.

Maybe they are bored and underutilized, they don’t like their boss and their coworkers, or just not as happy as they use to be.

Whatever the reason, know that there are still a few options no matter what age you are.

I explain below if changing your career at your current age is a viable option or not, so keep reading to see if you make the fit.

20-30 Years of Age

Man Graduating

You’ve just entered the workforce and don’t have much experience up your sleeve yet.

Changing your career between 20 and 30 years is 100% fine and what I actually recommend to be honest.

You don’t know what you truly enjoy unless you try it out for yourself.

If you don’t try the waters in your younger days you will suffer the consequences later down the line when bosses don’t want anything to do with you.

It’s sad but true and exactly why older people find it difficult finding jobs.

Bosses want younger people because they can move faster, have higher awareness, they are more fit and less prone to injury.

Basically, they are going to be around longer.

Yes, changing careers in your 20’s is absolutely fine and the best way to know what you want to do in life.

30-40 Years of Age

Finding your job in your 30’s is borderline my friend.

You can indeed still get a job in this age gap but I must say; make the most of it! Because after that it is downhill.

Bosses are still happy to take you on and you still have plenty of time to change careers again if you don’t enjoy it.

Sometimes being in this age gap can work in your favor.

Employers know people in their 30’s have a large amount of work experience up their sleeve.

They can sense you’re a hard-working person and (if you actually are) you may be able to land yourself a pretty decent job.

It’s all about putting your name out there and not giving up when rejected.

40-50 Years of Age

You will be lucky to get a good career at this age.

You aren’t what bosses are looking for, so your C.V (curriculum vitae) goes in the “no good” list, or the list they check when they have no other potential employees.

Basically, when they are desperate.

Employers know you are hard-working, but sadly they are looking for somebody younger, more fit and going to be around longer.

50+ Years of Age

Old Man

There’s absolutely no way employers will take you on, and if they do I will be VERY surprised.

The only time they will is when you are good friends with them, it is a small town so it’s harder to find workers, or they are really desperate, which is the more probable reason.

50+ is the age when it is too late in my honest opinion.

Like I said, you will be extremely lucky to find a boss willing to train you in a brand new career.

Thankfully there are alternatives now that we have the INTERNET.

My Final Opinion

Some of you may agree with me and some of you may disagree, but that’s completely fine because everyone has their own opinion, and this is my one.

If you want to change careers after 40 you will struggle, there’s no two ways about it.

You will have to either keep trying until you do eventually find someone that’ll take you on, or find alternative means of income.

I’d rather go for the latter.


We are in a world FULL of potential. Why settle for one income stream when you can have multiple?

Multiple meaning you won’t even need a job because all of your income sources will be making more than enough.

It’s easier to become a millionaire at this very point in time than it has ever been, EVER!

The internet contributes massively to this statistic.

And no, you do not need your own product. There’s no recruiting, no selling, and no way it won’t work if you put in the work.

It’s called Wealthy Affiliate and the exact reason why I’m writing this article, because I work from home full time selling other peoples products, making commissions and receiving monthly paychecks.

There is a free trial if your skeptical, which means you can see what it offers first.

Well I hope I you learned a thing or two in this article.

If you have anything to add please use the comment section below!

Cheers and have a nice day 🙂

2 thoughts on “What Age is too Late to Change Careers?”

  1. Hello Brandon, it’s like you read my mind. I am in that space where I feel confused about my current career and would love to change. Luckily I am still in the 20-30 range. My problem is thinking about the hard work I need to put in going back to college and starting over.
    Maybe finding something that I enjoy doing while making money is what’s going to work.
    Thanks for the advice.

    • Don’t ever feel scared about trying something new. Change is what opens doors, change maximizes opportunities, and opportunities makes for a fulfilling life.

      Don’t you EVER feel like you have to keep doing what everyone else is doing. Just because your family and friends want you to stay in your current career, at the end of the day it is your life and you live it the way you want to.

      And yes, doing something you love that makes you money is the best way to go in my opinion.

      Basically, something you would be doing if you weren’t getting paid for, that’s what you should be chasing. When it is your passion it won’t even feel like a job!

      Thanks for the comment and good luck in whatever venture you pursue.


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