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What Is Click Track Profit? Low Quality Training With A Bunch of Upsells

We have been hearing about several different applications and programs that claim that you can earn thousands of dollars, but today the program we are talking about comes with no such claims.

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Today we are going to review a program for you that’s called “Click Track Profit”.

Right now just like the other programs, this one also has a lot of hype which is why we thought to review it so you don’t fall victim to a scam again.

We have been saying this for a long time now and we are telling you again that you should never trust an application that claims huge money without spending much effort or time.

Now as far as the Click Track Profit program is concerned, well, first of all, they don’t claim thousands of dollars in a single day and it basically is a training program that helps you make a little cash.

So, in order to clear all the confusion about this application we are now going to start this review for you.

What Is Click Track Profit?

Name: Click Track Profit



Owners: Barbara Erickson

Price to join: Free

My Rating: 2/5 stars

2.0 out of 5 stars

A Little Background

Click Track Profit is a program owned by a company called Timtech LLC.

The program is basically a training on how to use traffic exchanges and advertise on them.

The good part about this program is that it’s a game based training which consists of several fun elements and it never lets you get bored while you learn how to build downlines and earn the affiliate commission through different traffic exchanges.

The thing that might worry you a bit is that the reputation of the company Timtech LLC. It’s quite poor in the market and this may raise a few red flags for you.

Now, we are going to review this program for you in detail and all of what we say is completely based on some extensive research so don’t worry because all the information we give will be 100% correct and we won’t mislead you in any way, shape or form.

How Can You Make Money Through Click Track Profit?

The program is free but when you join you will see a great number of upsells hitting your screen which is where the problem begins.

Like, it’s good that this program comes with no sign up fees but the upsells are just like the other fake and scammy platforms that claim to be legit but aren’t.

Now it’s but very obvious that you do have the option to ignore the upsell here and when you do that, you are then shown a traffic exchange website and they ask you to join it but well, you can ignore that too and simply head to the member’s login section.

CTP as said earlier is a training program which is why they’ve got short videos on how to use the traffic exchange sites and make money from them.

Some specific parts of the training are locked and you have to do certain things to unlock them by sharing on social sites, joining a traffic exchange and sometimes having to buy an autoresponder, etc.

The issue is that the videos and the training courses they provide are extremely poor in quality and honestly, they don’t even explain the whole process of how you can make money using traffic exchange websites.

It’s just that they give an overview of the process and there’s nothing special about this training that you cannot get from the other websites and platforms like YouTube.

What Do You Get Once You Become A Member?

As mentioned earlier, you just get the access to different courses that claim to be the ultimate guide of using and advertising on traffic exchange sites and building your own downlines.

What you actually get through this program are a number of upsells that are very irritating.

As far as earning money is concerned, well, to be honest, you cannot make a good amount of money using this program or even by working on the traffic exchange sites.

It’s not that you don’t earn even a single penny but the money you get won’t be enough for you which is why it’s a waste of time.

Red Flags Of Click Track Profit

Yes, there are several red flags associated with this program.

Most importantly, people have complained about the training that it’s poor in quality and they are not able to understand the process of making money properly.

Also, the support of this program is very limited and you do not earn the big fat money you expect.

Price & Purchase Deals

It is free to access the training modules which can be found on their official website:

This program comes with no cost for signing up but again, the upsells are there and yes, somehow this program tries to extract the money from its users which is where you will have to be a little careful.

Pros and Cons


  • Teaches you the basics of traffic exchanges and how to capture leads
  • Free to join


  • Very misleading as it is NOT just a matter of clicking, tracking and profiting
  • Not newbie-friendly
  • Too many upsells
  • The training is low quality
  • A complete waste of time


What the owners of Click Track Profit aim to do is to provide VERY low quality training videos to make money with traffic exchanges in the hopes you will purchase the upsells.

Because that is where they make the money, from the upsells.

One of the upsells is an autoresponder and it’s a monthly recurring payment plan.

This is pretty much required of you to purchase in order to even have a possibility of making money with the training they provide.

And even that’s being a little too nice about it, because in actuality, people have been tried to captaure leads with traffic exchange websites for years and almost nobody has had success with it.

You may capture leads but these leads are freebie seekers and will not purchase what you have to offer no matter how much of a good relationship you have with them.

Click Track Profit is not a scam because they offer training and it’s free, but to actually make money with this system it is going to be a tough one, and more than likely you will not make any money.

Not Recommended Logo

What You Should Do Instead

Now even though Click Track Profits is legit and free to join, that doesn’t mean it is worth your time or effort.

The fact of the matter is; the owner created it so you would purchase all the upsells – most people will – and that is where she makes all her money.

Instead of trying CTP and hoping you MIGHT make a little money, why not build a real online business just like I have?

In fact I have many websites just like this one making money as we speak.

That is the true secret to creating freedom to live life on your own terms.

It is the act of creating passive income, but it doesn’t come easy and does require work and has been proven to work over and over again.

So that is what I recommend, friend.

Go here and start your free trial

Please leave all your questions and concerns in the comments below!

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