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What is Surge365 All About and Can You Make Money?

Wondering what Surge365 is and if it’s a legit way to make money online? Well you are in the right place.

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MLM companies are becoming more popular than ever and most don’t even last 1 whole year before crashing and burning.

Most have bad intentions and the owners are in it to win for themselves.

Does Surge365 have good intentions and care about its members and is it a great way to make money?

I’m going to find out what this system is all about and how much money you can really make.

Enjoy my Surge365 review! 🙂

At a Glance

Name: Surge365


Business type: Travel MLM

Price to join: $99-$399 + monthly and subscription fees

Earning potential: 4-5 figures per month

My rating: 4/10

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Surge365 Rundown

Surge365 is an MLM company that has no retail products of their own.

This was the first red flag for me because if you aren’t selling anything, what the hell are you actually doing to make money?

Then I find out that they are partnered with travel agencies.

So basically, you make money by selling travel packages or recruiting people.

You can’t actually join for free, you have to purchase one of the Surge365 memberships first so that’s why you can make money just from recruiting others.

This screams pyramid scheme and to be honest, if they weren’t partnered with the travel agencies then it definitely would be.

Surge365 Owners

Surge365 Owners

The owners of Surge365 are Scott Tomer and Chris Cokley.

Scott has 30 years experience in direct sales.

He has reached top earner as a distributor many times and has been the CEO of a large company and co-founder of another.

Chris is currently the president of Surge365.

Chris is more of a leader than a salesman so one of his biggest role is to lead, guide and teach others.

How Do You Earn Money?

You make money by selling travel packages or recruiting others to do the same.

Selling the travel packages may work for you if you have friends who travel a lot.

There are a wide range of packages and discounts to choose from and I’ll talk about those shortly.

You can also recruit others to join Surge365 to make money. If they join under you and pay the entry membership, you make money.

You will also get compensated off of their sales since they’re in your downline.

To get these people in you will have to tell them that they can make money by doing the exact same thing as you are, either selling packages or recruiting.

Because you can go several levels deep, if you build a team under you who are actively selling packages and/or recruiting others, you can make a pretty good passive income.

But of course that’s easier said than done because if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it and no one would have jobs.

Here’s the 3 ways to make money with Surge365

1. Vortex Technology

This is the advertising side.

Advertise the packages and you earn money when people book a cruise, a vacation or hotel.

This will work nicely if you already have a blog dedicated to traveling.

2. Personal Travel Agency

Become a travel agent to earn money. Make bookings for others and earn money when they buy. You can book tours, cruises and even weddings.

3. Share the Surge Business

Share the same tools you were introduced to when you got into the business and make money when someone buys.

The Compensation Plan

Surge365 has a compensation plan and that’s what makes it an MLM company.

This is no different to other MLM programs but if you must know, they operate on a 2×6 matrix.

You can actually make a lot of money if you master the recruiting game, as that’s what the top dogs are doing.

When you recruit people, you make money from the initial sign up then more money from their sales and their downlines sales.

This is how you make passive income with Surge365, as the income can get pretty high when you build a great team.

However, that is a big “when”. Your chances of making the sort of income they showcase on their website is very, very slim my friend.

Yes they have Lamborghini’s and vacations as incentives but those are for the people at the top.

Do you know your chances of getting there? Lets just say not very much.

This has nothing to do with you, it’s just the nature of the game. Those who get in first make the majority of the income.

The Fast Start Bonus

Surge365 Fast Start

When you join the compensation plan you are automatically enrolled in the Fast Start plan.

This is an incentive to make you take action right away and get at least 3 sales within the first 60 days.

This will get you to the Team Builder level.

As a Team Builder, you qualify for the “overrides bonus”.

From here you can earn commissions from your sales and your downlines sales and also waiver the $59 monthly fee!

However, let me tell you that getting someone to pay for an MLM is not easy, even when you have experience.

There’s a lot more to the compensation plan than this but I know it’s confusing enough as it is, so I’ll let you check out the entire matrix if you want to know more.

Packages and Prices

So the cheapest package is called SBA (Surge365 Business Associate), which costs $10 a month.

No where can I see what this package consists of but I’m guessing it allows you to step foot in the door and see what it is all about.

You can’t promote anything or make money with this membership.

The other packages are much more costly.

These are:

Travel agent – $99 license fee + $39.95 subscription fee + $39.95 per month

Membership Only – $199 license fee + $59.95 subscription fee + $59.95 per month

Vortex Platinum – $399 license fee + $59.95 subscription fee + $59.95 per month

In my opinion:

Those are some hefty price tags for a product you don’t know much about.

You don’t know how good it is, you don’t know what you’re getting for your money and you don’t really know how well the products perform.

All you can go off of are the claims on the official website.

Of course you know now since you landed on this review, but if you didn’t and you bought right off the bat, you’re going in blindly and hoping the claims they make are true.

Pros and Cons


  • Can make money
  • The owners are real


  • The don’t have their own products
  • They rely on another company to keep their business afloat
  • Very costly just to get started
  • A high risk opportunity because travel services aren’t easy to sell
  • Not much demand for the products

You Should Never Pay to Promote Something

It is downright WRONG to make people pay to promote their product.

I tell this to everyone looking to make money online. Don’t pay a dime to promote something, there are more than enough products out there that you can promote for free.

So don’t think that you have to pay just to be able to make money from something.

Maybe if the product really is that good and you wholeheartedly believe in the product then maybe you can pay to promote it.

But in this instance, the products and services Surge365 aren’t even that good.

Surge365 is too Risky

The products you’re promoting aren’t actually owned by Surge365, but a company called Pro Travel Network.

This makes it a very risky business to get into.

Essentially you’re relying on 2 businesses to keep you afloat that could very well do the dirty at any time.

What if Pro Travel Network shuts down? Will Surge365 shut down too?

What if Pro Travel Network turns into a scam? Will Surge 365 partner with a new company?

There are too many variables that can destroy your “business”.

And I’m not being too dramatic either. Some of the biggest MLM companies have been shutdown from the FTC in the last couple years.

But I’m glad you’re doing your research 🙂

Is it a Scam?

I have debunked the reviews, checked out this system for myself, turned this system inside out and can’t find anything illegal they’re doing.

The good news is that they have good intentions and the owners are real people who genuinely have years of experience in the sales industry.

But the bad news:

They solely rely on the travel company since they own the products and could very well close down at any time, leaving you with no business and no leg to stand on.

Plus they ask for a lot of money just to get started.

Surge365 is not a scam and they have a legit business model for people that want to make money.


Making that Paper

All LEGIT make money opportunities work if you have the work ethic.

You cannot blame a perfectly legitimate system for not making you money, because at the end of the day, you are responsible for how much work you put in.

Unfortunately some require more work than others and some are harder to sell than others.


Well I chase the simple things in life.

Simple in the sense that it’s not easy but the concept is simple.

Create a website, write content, rank it in the search engines and make money.

I absolutely love passive income and that’s why I make websites work for me instead of going out and begging people to buy my product.

But you need the right training and that is not easy to come by.

The system that taught me is free to join and you can start your online business today.

Well that’s what I do to make my money and I recommend you do the same.

Thanks for reading.

We welcome your questions and opinions on Surge365 in the comments below 🙂

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