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What Makes a Bad Boss?

A bad boss can make you hate every day of your life.

A bad boss can cause you to make irrational decisions.

A bad boss can turn any nice guy into an angry person.

A bad boss can push you pass your breaking point and make you lash out and make you look like the mean guy.

But what makes a bad boss?

Why would someone deserve such a title?

Well I want to share what I think a bad boss is after my years of being an employee in the past.

Below you will find out exactly what makes a bad boss.

They don’t want you to succeed

Bosses should be there for you, to help you grow as a person, to help you succeed because when you succeed, so does the business.

I mean, what’s the point in training you or doing some type of apprenticeship if deep down they want you to fail.

It’s beyond me and yes I have had a boss like that in the past.

They know you are getting better but don’t want to accept it

I want to talk more about what I just said above.

These bad bosses KNOW you are getting better, they know you are learning skills and they know for a fact because your trainer keeps telling him that you are getting better in everything you do.

But the bad boss stays in denial.

They will say: “no, no, no, you still aren’t ready to do it on your own”.

Sometimes this sort of carry-on can lasts for years!

How stupid can they get? They are just wasting time and money.

My advice to the bad boss is: swallow your pride and get over yourself, let your employee learn and allow them to do just that.

And that brings me to my next point…belittling.

They belittle you

They tell you how much they want you to succeed, but when you do the thing they want you to do, they belittle you and dismiss it.

They will deny that you actually learnt something even after everyone has confirmed you have.

This is something I hate with a passion.

It can drive employees to their breaking point.

The boss tells you to start taking your job more seriously, to start taking charge and perform to the best of your ability every single day.

And then you do, but he will dismiss it altogether, then weeks later tell you start taking your job more seriously again.

I HATE that so much, it drives me f*cken crazy.

They take their stress out on you all the time

Sure, bosses get stressed out often, some more than others.

But if they are stressed out 24/7 and taking it out on you by raising their voice, showing agitation and mood swings, he cannot handle his emotions well and should not be a boss.

You could also practice a little empathy and understanding more before making judgments.

They blame you for absolutely everything

There are certain instances where a boss is always right no matter what you say, although they claim they are.

They don’t want to hear your side of the story or what you have to say, JUST because you are an employee, you are below him and the mistake was your fault.

This is a clear indication of a bad boss and it sucks because no one wants to be blamed for something they didn’t do.

The don’t lead by example

This might be controversial to some, however, I will call this a bonus because this has come straight from the horses mouth.

My friend is a manager and works in a fast food restaurant, so bosses/managers are always on the floor and should be helping out often.

Well in her opinion she claims a bad boss is someone who tells you to do something and starts throwing orders around to people who are already busy, and then they go into their office and sit down.

They should instead lead by example and help the team out in stressful times.

They have favorite workers

A bad boss has favorite employees and favors them over everyone else.

This can cause many problems especially when issues arise in the workplace.

The ones they don’t like will get the blame for everything even when they know for a fact it wasn’t them.

Just because it’s the favorite workers who done the bad deed, they ignore it and blame the ones they don’t like.

Does this sound all too familiar? Let us know in the comments below.

No communication

Lack of communication in the workplace can cause so many problems it’s not funny.

And these problems can cause mistakes worth thousands of dollars (products not getting out, things not ordered when you need them the next day, customers not being called up, etc).

They will often change deadlines at the last minute when you’re about to start your next task that’s been planned weeks before, but then all of a sudden it’s your fault.


A bad boss is no fun at all.

It can drive you absolutely crazy and most of the time it does, and this causes people to make irrational decisions like quitting on the spot with no backup plan.

Most people will still stay in a job they hate because they are use to it, they know how everything works and they don’t want to learn everything all over again.

It stops people from moving forward in life but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I don’t work for anyone other than myself and it’s the best decision I ever made.

Well the second 🙂 (ask me in the comments if you want to know my first decision).

This will allow you to work for yourself if you stick at it and never give up.

Tell me in the comments what you think of these characteristics.

Have you seen them all too often in your own boss?

Cheers and have a marvelous day my friend.

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