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Why Does My Boss Make Me Cry?

We’ve all worked with a screamer before and it can be the worst thing when all you’re trying to do is do a good job.

I remember doing an apprenticeship some years ago, and boy oh boy, the boss had extreme anger issues.

I could never win.

Do what he says, it was wrong. Don’t do what he says, it’s also wrong…and yes, he would always yell.

Needless to say, I quit that job real quick. I was not going to be yelled at even when I wasn’t in the wrong.

In this article I’m going to explain why your boss makes you cry and what you should do about it.

They’re Always Yelling

Yelling is their way of showing that they are the dominant one.

They demand attention by yelling. They want you to to listen to them at all times and do exactly what they say.

This usually means they have some major insecurities and they need to yell at you to make them feel “manly” or “in control”.

A good leader doesn’t have to yell, because he’s respected with his strong leadership and good communication skills.

They Have Anger Issues

Angry Boss

They usually have anger issues which was definitely the case with my old boss.

All they see is red at the slightest problems or setbacks and can’t hold in their anger, so they yell to let it out.

They usually feel better 5 minutes later. After they’ve let it all out and made everyone else feel bad about themselves.

Calm people know how to handle their emotions and that’s why good leaders don’t have to yell.

They Can’t Handle Stress

Stress is a big factor when it comes to bosses yelling.

My boss was the owner of the firm and he was trying to do everything on his own, but he couldn’t handle the stress.

He was running the business along with giving out quotes, getting clients, etc.

He was just so stressed all the time, and that caused him to yell even at the SMALLEST problem.

Of course drinking everyday made the problem worse because now drinking calmed him down at the end of the day, and he always relied on it to make him feel better.

Every time he drank he changed. He was calm, funny and optimistic.

But that meant every other hour he wasn’t drinking, he was a ticking time bomb and everyone had to walk on egg shells around him.

Should You Yell Back?

Fight fire with fire? Absolutely not.

He has already lost. He’s the one losing his temper.

He is the one with major insecurities that has to make other people feel bad to make themselves feel good.

If you stay calm throughout the entire altercation, you have already won.

Shouting is only going to bring you down to his level and make you just as bad as he is.

In My Experience

I am that guy, the guy that stays calm under most intense situations.

I am always happy and it takes a lot to get me angry, and so when I do raise my voice, people don’t know what to do so they try to break the situation up as quickly as possible.

In my experience, my boss never made me cry but he always use to yell. I should have never let it slide all the time.

Well one day I had enough, stood up in his face, raised my voice and told him why I did something a certain why.

He was very surprised because I had never done anything like this before.

He didn’t know what to do. His huge monster voice turned into a tiny mouse squeak when I was in his face.

He could sense I had lots of anger in me but I was holding it back, and a person that has the ability to hold back anger is the scary one.

Don’t Let His Behavior Slide

There’s a few things I learned from not letting my boss get away with yelling at me.

I learned that every other time I let it slide, it gave him the impression that his behavior was okay, when it was not.

When he does yell at you, stand up for yourself and don’t let it slide. Instead explain why you did something a certain way and hold your ground.

The keywords are hold your ground. If you aren’t in the wrong then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Eventually he’s going to stop altogether because now he KNOWS you’re not one to mess with.

Don’t Quit…Yet

Don’t quit yet, quitting will only let him know that his behavior is completely okay and hes going to continue doing it to other employees.

Plus why should you quit a perfectly good job that you love because of the boss?

I think you should not quit yet. I think you need to let him know that his behavior is not okay and needs to change.

You can do this simply by sticking up for yourself and not let things slide when he treats you like garbage.

It Is Not Your Fault

Trust me when I say you are the victim, you are not in the wrong and it’s not your fault. His actions are just a reflection of his own character, not yours.

The boss is the one at fault here.

It’s completely unprofessional to yell at employees to the point where they can’t stand it anymore and have to cry.

So just know that they are the ones to blame and you are doing nothing wrong. No normal human being goes around abusing others to make themselves feel better.

I Haaaated That Life

I hated the typical 9-5, I hated bosses, I hated being yelled out, I hated the early mornings and I definitely hated being told what to do.

I decided to be my own boss so I didn’t have to do put up with any of that any longer.

That’s when I turned to the internet and found a way to make an online business.

I discovered Wealthy Affiliate and now work from home writing articles, and to be quite frank, it’s the single best decision I ever made.

Well I hope you found something useful in this article.

If you did, drop us a comment below and tell us about your experience with your screaming boss.

Cheers and have a great day!

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