Will The Viral Cash App Really Make You 6-7 Figures?

We often come across applications and software that claim to be the money
makers for those who want a shortcut to earn some hefty amount.

But sadly, most of these applications are scams and all they give to the users is some great deal of disappointment and frustration.

Recently we saw that there was a lot of hype about another such application called, “The Viral Cash App” so we thought to review it for you today.

We’ve heard a lot about this app but on the other hand we’ve seen some serious red flags associated to it so let’s begin with the review and see whether it’s a legit system or just another trap for innocent internet users out there.

At a Glance

Name: Viral Cash App

Website: www.viralcashapp.comviral-cash-app-logo


Owner: Matthew Neer

Price to Join: $47 or downsell of $24.95

My Rating: 0.5/5 stars

0.5 out of 5 stars

What Is The Viral Cash App?

A famous internet marketer, Matthew Neer started this application a few years back and he is popular for creating such applications.

His previous application was Speed Wealth and now it’s the Viral Cash App.

Matthew claims that with this application you can easily enter the $70 Billion industry just by downloading it and then you can funnel all the money to your account.

Now, this claim of Matthew leaves the users with a question that, is it so easy to earn money?

Well, frankly speaking if this application was true and if it actually helped people make some big fat cash then it should have been on the headlines and everywhere on the newspaper.

Think about it?

Why do people work so hard and go to a 9-5 job for a fixed salary when this application is here to actually turn you into a billionaire?

The point is that whenever such applications and software pop up in front of you, you should first use some brains and think logically.

The Claims Of The Viral Cash App

Starting from the sales video on the Viral Cash App, it’s quite misleading.

Just take a sneak peek at their sales video and you can see it is actually made by cutting different clips of anchors and news persons making it look like they all are talking about the Viral Cash App.

Now, let’s be honest, an application that has a misleading video right in the start, how can you expect it to be legit?

The point is that there is no guarantee that you can make money with this application because first of all, it makes earning money look extremely easy which obviously is not the truth and we’ve explained it all to you above.

You purchase this application and then you select a keyword and monetization, after that, the applications makes a website for you right on the spot by using scrapping the content from the internet which is a very lousy way to build a website.

The application claims to be a funnel for you that can give access of the $70 Billion network to you but the truth is that this application itself is a funnel that is just extracting money out of your pocket.

How You Make Money With Viral Cash App

This is a 4 step process.

Once you purchase the system ($47), you will need to login to your account, choose your niche, pick a keyword then add monetization.

That’s it.

However, the problem is that Viral Cash App uses automated traffic generation technology, and we know what comes to mind when we think of “automation”…bots, bots and fake traffic (although that’s my opinion).

When your video page gets enough views, you get paid.

But will this really make you a billionaire as they claim? Well we all know the answer to that…no!

How Does Matthew Neer Play With You

It’s pretty simple, Matthew has a business model that states that you can earn some quick and easy money without putting much effort and that’s what a lot of people out there wish.

Matthew simply targets these people and tells them what they want to hear.

Then comes the sales video which is nothing but a trap for those targeted people.

After watching that video, people get encouraged and they start believing this scheme that was presented by Matthew.

They start buying the upsells and that’s exactly where Matthew starts making big fat money.

It’s A Trap!

If you’ve ever tried using any of the so called money making schemes by Matthew then you will notice a pattern in his business model.

What he does is that he brings a product and makes people trust it that they will be able to make some quick and fat cash with it.

He even uses some aggressive marketing tactics and uses misleading content just to hype the targeted people up.

Then when these people buy his first offer, he puts another one so that people can keep on giving money to him and follow his idea of “quick money” blindly.

The Red Flags

Oh yes, you should’ve known it was going to come down to this 😛

If you still think I don’t know what I’m talking about or that you need more proof to stop you from purchasing this system, then I’ll list all of the many red flags below and why it makes Matthew look like a big fat liar with his misleading system.

Fake News – The news reporters on the sales video are NOT talking about the Viral Cash App system. In fact, they are about completely different things but Matthew has put them together strategically to make you think that they are talking about this app of his

Spam and Hype – From the get go the site looks spammy and hyped up with promises of making you 6 to 7 figures with little to no work required

Quick to downsell – As soon as you try to exit the website Matthew will hit you with a downsell; from $47 down to $24.95, almost a 50% discount! If it was truly worth $47 then he wouldn’t offer the downsell at all. This just proves even more that the owner is just out to make money off of you

It is a Clickbank product – Now I know you might think I’m reaching here, but the fact is; it’s on Clickbank and that makes it even more suspicious. Clickbank is absolutely filled with scam products

Think Logically

We’ve said this before and we will say it again that instead of looking for some quick and easy money, you should think like an online entrepreneur.

Talk to the professionals or at least think like one. Almost every experienced person knows that there is no such thing as easy money.

You cannot just earn a fat amount by watching misleading videos and expanding a network of misled people.

Especially when it comes to the Viral Cash App, know that you are just filling the pockets of Matthew and his affiliates (who likely sent you the video).

You might make a little cash out of this app in the beginning but we assure you that you will end up losing more than what you earn through it.

Pros and Cons


  • Might get lucky and make a couple dollars


  • Hyped up to the max
  • No free trial
  • Too many red flags
  • Misleads people
  • Will not make you 6-7 figures as they claim

Overall Verdict

To us the Viral Cash App is nothing but a scam application, and this isn’t something we are saying just because we feel this way about the app.

The fact is that we’ve done our homework, we’ve read the reviews and we have analyzed the application thoroughly which is why we would suggest you not to waste your time here and think of some other online business idea to make some valid and genuine money.

Also, the next time you come across such schemes or applications then please do think logically first and then go for the reviews.

As far as the Viral Cash App is concerned, well…there is no such thing as a quick funnel to $70 billion!

Something That Actually Works

You will not a million dollars with the Viral Cash App, you will not make $1000 and you most likely won’t even make your money back that you paid to get it!

You’ll be lucky if you made pennies and that’s facts my friend.

The ones making all the money are the affiliates promoting the hell out of this system to anyone and everyone, and unless you’re doing that, you’re just going to be another statistic making zero dollars.

I refuse to let that happen to you and I want you to actually make money on the internet.

The ONE system that allowed me to quit the rat race was the Wealthy Affiliate and even offers a free trial so you can check it all out completely free (keep your wallet in your pocket my friend).

If you’ve had experience with Viral Cash App please let us know what you think in the comments below!

Cheers and have a great day.

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