Your Job Isn’t Worth It If Your Health & Well-Being Is Suffering

Have you ever wondered if your job is doing you more harm than good?

Well you could be on to something.

Not all jobs are good for you even though everyone says get a job, a job is good, jobs pay your bills.

Yeah, but they don’t think about the negative things that happen in your workplace.

So today that’s what I would like to talk about.

I want to explain why your job is not worth it if your health and well-being is suffering.

Your Health & Well-Being Is #1 Priority

Look at it this way my friend, without your health, you are done for.

What’s the use of having a good job if you’re not around to enjoy the money because you’re always in hospital from all the chemicals you’ve been inhaling throughout the years.

Or what about all the cement dust that’s gotten into your lungs throughout the years that’s causing you to see the doctor every other week.

What about your knees from crawling around all day?

You might tell me you use knee pads, but that is only a temporary prevention tactic and not a permanent solution.

And this is only your health, what about your well-being?

Your Well-Being & Why It’s Important

Being happy with your life 50% of the time is one thing, but anything less than that and you’re not living a happy life (heck, even 50% is not enough!).

If you’re happy 60% of the time, that is still no way to live life and something needs to change asap.

Aim for at least 90%, at least!

You should never be hating your life.

You should always have goals to strive for and things you want to achieve in life, but in the mean time (until you reach those goals), love the journey and embrace everything about it.

If you wake up miserable because you’re not keen on the long commute to work, or you’re feeling down because you have to do another “miserable 10-hour shift”, or you don’t want to work because you’ll just argue with your boss and co-workers, you’ve just caught yourself a 1-way ticket to depression if you continue what you’re doing my friend.

The Money Isn’t Worth It

Too many people don’t want to leave their job even if they hate everything about it.

They hate their life every single day other than the weekend or when they have a day off.

And then they dread Monday morning because they’re back in the office doing the same thing over and over again.

But guess what?

They continue living this way just because they like the money.

Well let me tell you something.

The money isn’t worth it!

Money can’t buy you happiness, and that couldn’t be anymore true in this situation.

You’re better off finding something you love – even if you earn less – and then being happier and more excited to tackle your day!

You’ll wake up, spring out of bed and ready to have the best day possible!


Depression is on the rise and I believe being unhappy with your job is one contributing factor.

Not the most contributing factor, but it is one and a very important one.

You probably already know what I’m going to tell you, I would tell you to get out asap and don’t look back.

Or my other recommendation would be to find another job first before quitting.

Or you can play the ultra safe route but one with better rewards…

I know you can’t quit your job right off the bat, and you’re probably not interested in looking for another job anyway.

Well what if I told you to work from home and be your own boss instead?

No long commute to work, no boss to listen to, no arguing with co-workers and absolutely no need to wake up at 5 a.m for a 12-hour shift!

My friend, the internet has changed the game and I’m fortunate enough to work from home full-time at the age of 26.

I create blogs just like this and think it’s the best job in the world and something you should consider if your health and well-being is suffering at your normal day job.

Go here to see what I’m talking about…

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